Aussie Men Down Under vs. American Man Up Yonder

Aussie Men Down Under vs. American Man Up Yonder

American Olympian Mark Warkentin will have his hands full at the 12.6-mile Distance Swim Challenge on October 16th in Santa Monica, California.

Two top Australian open water swimmers, Olympian Ky Hurst and world 25K champion Brendan Capell, will travel across the Pacific to test his mettle on his home Southern Californian turf.

Mark, a near-local who graduated from nearby University of Southern California, gained the upper hand against Ky the last time they battled in front of a worldwide TV audience at the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim in Beijing.

Mark recently beat English Channel world record holder Petar Stoychev in a mano-a-mano match race around Manhattan Island, but will now have to double-up his effort against the strong Australian contingent.

Stay tuned. The race will be tweeted and tweeted.

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Steven Munatones