Aussie Youth vs. American Masters

Aussie Youth vs. American Masters

Live from the Pacific Ocean off Santa Monica…at today’s 12.6-mile Distance Swim Challenge in Southern California there is a fascinating race between the young Grimsey brothers (Trent and Codiee) and two veteran Americans, 2008 Olympian Mark Warkentin and Pan American Games gold medalist Alex Kostich.

Usually in a marathon swim, racing experience, high navigational IQ and ocean knowledge leads to competitiveness against youth, but when youth is combined with ocean experience, then it is tough to beat.

During the first four legs of the Distance Swim Challenge, 41-year-old Alex and 32-year-old Mark went stroke-for-stroke with the Aussie Grimsey brothers (25-year-old Trent and 21-year-old Codie). They all pushed the pace and came into the first three feeding stations like heavyweight boxers going punch for punch.

There was little conversation and serious eye-balling at the feeding stations when the quad of world-class open water swimmers quickly downed oranges, bananas, Cliff bars and gel shots.

But by the fourth feeding stations, the Australian brothers sustained their pace and swam like the close-knit brothers they are. Sharing the lead, they helped each other alternatively draft and push the pace. Meanwhile the older Americans were hanging on as best they could.

The race is still in progress…more later from Santa Monica, California.

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Steven Munatones