Australian Men Looking For Gold On The Coast

Australian Men Looking For Gold On The Coast

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

When it comes to images of freestyle, the Gold Coast and the Australian surf, the combination culminates in the dominating figures of Australian watermen and iconic lifesavers.

So when the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships culminates in the 10 km marathon swim on the Gold Coast, the expectations of the host Australians will be high. Rhys Mainstone, Jarrod Poort and Simon Huitenga hope to stand tall on the podium after the end of the ocean swim, but they have some tough competitors to overcome.

The lead pack will undoubtedly include FINA world championship medalists like Canadian Eric Hedlin and Americans Alex Meyer and Andrew Gemmell as well as Olympic silver medalist Richard Weinberger of Canada and other world-class competitors like Kane Radford of New Zealand, Yasunari Hirai of Japan, Sean Ryan and Jordan Wilimovsky.

Will the different national teams of the Australians, Americans, Canadians and Japanese team up to help each other by drafting and different tactics during the race?

Or will the swim start off as a mano-a-mano, free-for-all, every-man-for-himself competitive battle. We certainly know it will end up that way.

The field will include the following men:

1. Eric Hedlin (21 of Canada)
2. Will Brothers (19 of Canada)
3. Phillipe Guertin (23 of Canada)
4. Richard Weinberger (24 of Canada)
5. Kane Radford (23 of New Zealand)
6. Chun Hin Hui (21 of Hong Kong)
7. Winson Lee (23 of Hong Kong)
8. Yasunari Hirai (24 of Japan)
9. Yosuke Miyamoto (23 of Japan)
10. Rhys Mainstone (24 of Australia)
11. Jarrod Poort (19 of Australia)
12. Simon Huitenga (26 of Australia) [shown above]
13. Andrew Gemmell (23 of USA)
14. Alex Meyer (26 of USA)
15. Sean Ryan (22 of USA)
16. Jordan Wilimovsky (20 of USA)
17. Julian Snelling (17 of Hong Kong)
18. Singha Chau (15 of Hong Kong)

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