Australian Sweep At The Flowers Sea Swim

Australian Sweep At The Flowers Sea Swim

Luane Rowe and Codie Grimsey showed what experience brings to the table at the 20th annual Flowers Sea Swim.

They swam straight and managed the oncoming currents and slight chop best like local marine life. “It was fun, but it was choppy. It was actually more fun and interesting because it was challenging,” said ubiquitous race coordinator Dara Flowers-Burke. “But we even had Paolo Cerizzi set a world record for swimming a mile with handcuffs on both his hands and feet.”

The times were slower this year, but it was good,” agreed race namesake and open water swimming visionary Frank Flowers who donates 100% of the proceeds to the local charity.

Oh, I had a blast,” gushed Eney Jones who placed second among the women. “It was so clear and fun. I had heard so much about this swim. I am going to come down here with many more friends and people I swim with next year.”

The top 4 results:

1. Luane Rowe (Australia) – 6th overall in 21.18
2. Eney Jones (USA) – 8th overall in 22.29
3. Rada Owen (USA) – 10th overall in 22.41
4. Lexie Kelly (USA) – 12th overall in 23.26

1. Codie Grimsey (Australia) 18.39
2. Yoelvis Pedraza (USA) 18.49
3. Josh Kercheval (USA) 20.45
4. Geoffrey Butler (Cayman Islands) 21.10

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Steven Munatones