Austrian Open Water Cup Launched In 2012

Austrian Open Water Cup Launched In 2012

The first open water swim series in Austria, sponsored by BioLifestyle, will begin this year for swimmers of all ages and abilities with the following events:

May 12th: 3.8K APFELLAND Schwimm-Marathon in Stubenberg

June 16th: 4K HECHTSEE X-Treme in Tirol

July 14th: 7K BestTrip BACKWATERMAN in Niederösterreich

July 28th” 9L HALLSTÄTTERSEE Marathon in Oberösterreich

August 19th: 5K EARL of PEARL in Salzburg

Manyoki Attila says, “I will be there. Every year, they have more open water events and the competitions are very well-organized.” While Attila follows traditional and FINA rules (i.e., no wetsuit) in the cool-water lake swims, wetsuits are allowed. “In this way, there are lots of swimmers who will participating with wetsuits, to swim in nature in the cold lakes.”

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Steven Munatones