Authentic Marathon Swim Is Historic

Authentic Marathon Swim Is Historic

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Numerous swimmers of note will participate in the Authentic Marathon Swim on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Olympic silver medalist, world champion and member of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Spyros Gianniotis, Oceans Seven swimmer and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famer Attila Mányoki, the fastest sprinter inside the Arctic Circle Quinn Fitzgerald, European champion George Arniakos, and Greek national team swimmers Dimitris Negris, Stellina Aplanti and Ilektra Lebl will be among those attending.

Four swimmers (Mányoki, Vicky Kouveli, Sofia Psilolignou, and Giannis Kotsiopoulos will replicate the historic 14 km swim of Skyllias and Hydna on July 2nd. Skyllias and Hydna are considered the world’s first marathon swimmers according to Herodotus, The Father of History. They helped the Greek forces in the historic naval battle of Artemision against the Persian fleet in 480 B.C.

On July 3rd, the 5 km, 1.5 km and 3 km races will take place on either square or triangular course starting on Pefki Beach.

On July 4th, the event will climax with the 10 km marathon swim and 800m children’s race. The event schedule is posted here.

On July 2nd, a symbolic event will be held at the ancient settlement of Artemision where Mavroelia from Artemision, which is also known, as Olive Mavromandila can be found. It is one of the oldest olive trees in the world, dating back over 2,500 years. Race winners will be symbolically awarded with a branch of Mavroelia.

Photo courtesy of Angelos Zymaras

On July 3rd, the Hellenic Navy’s Music Department will hold a music concert in honor of the Artemision naval battle and the Authentic Marathon Swim.

The Authentic Marathon Swim will also have π3 (pi3 or Plastic Pollution Prevention) as its Sustainability Partner. The event’s environmental activities will begin on July 2nd with a cleaning of Pefki Beach. During the three days, additional actions will follow, aiming towards informing and educating the public for the adoption of an environmentally friendly attitude.

All participants will have to do a self-test or a rapid test within the last 24 hours, or alternatively a PCR test within the last 48 hours prior to their race, in order to enter the venue. They will have to show the certification of the negative diagnostic test for Covid-19. Self-test declaration is found here. If there are consecutive race days for a participant, it is recommended to do one test before the first race. In addition, everyone must provide a health certificate from a cardiologist issued within the last two months.

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