Avid Swimmer Killed In Utah By Boater

According to the Deserte News, Esther Fujimoto, a molecular biologist from the University of Utah, was hit and killed by boaters on August 21st in the Pineview Reservoir in Utah. One eyewitness told investigators that the boaters who hit and killed her stopped and talked with her before leaving the scene.

Esther was swimming 80-100 yards offshore when she was hit by a boat. According to reports, after she was hit, a resident heard her cries for help and rowed a boat to help her until rescue crews could arrive. “It sounded like she was in a lot of pain.” When the neighbor rowed his boat to Esther, he knew she needed medical attention. “When I pulled up alongside of her, she said, ‘Help me. Help me.’ That was it. That’s all she said. … She never said another word.”

The Deserte News story is here with more details. A follow-up by Utah TV is here. More information on the follow-up investigation on Esther’s death is here on Salt TV Network.

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Steven Munatones