AvidaSwim In the Pool

AvidaSwim In the Pool

The New York Times reported on the US$14,950 AvidaSwim system that collects, tracks and analyzes real-time information from swimmers while they are training.

AvidaSwim has five wireless sensors that are worn on the head, wrists and feet and monitor pace, stroke count and distance per stroke.

If the swimmer needs instruction from the coach while they are training, a head sensor connected to an earpiece allows coaches to talk with their swimmer.

Already, the University of Michigan men’s swim team is using the device. Coaches can use the live instrument panel during workout so data is collected and the coach’s comments are synched to video (e.g., checking the breakout and commenting on pacing and stroke technique).

We can imagine AvidaSwim will be on the shopping list of many top programs and passionate triathletes. But can it be used in the open water races to aid with navigation, pacing and positioning?

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