Avram Iancu Warms Up For a Long Swim In Lake Balaton

Avram Iancu Warms Up For a Long Swim In Lake Balaton

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

From 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, Romanian swimmer Avram Iancu did a workout, a 12-hour swim down the Bega River in Timisoara, Romania. He explained, “It’s the toughest workout I’ve done in my life. For 8 hours, I swam upstream. It’s terrible, believe me, the water temperature was 17°C degrees. It was a really hard workout.”

There is a specific purpose to his workout. On July 17th in Hungary, Iancu plans to swim in Lake Balaton for 72 consecutive 72 hours, covering a distance of 150 km. He swam 36 hours 29 minutes straight in the Danube River last year and a 2,860 km stage swim in the same river in 2017, a year after swimming across the English Channel. He also swam 680 km along the coast of the Black Sea from Sulina to Istanbul, for 60 days.

To watch an interview with Iancu in Romanian, visit here.

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Iancu gave a TED Talk about his Faith in Dreams at TEDxBucharest in 2019:

The film poster above shows Avram Iancu in SW!M, a documentary film directed by Sabin Dorohoi.

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