Awe-Inspiring Women Of The World Explorers Bureau

Awe-Inspiring Women Of The World Explorers Bureau

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

At the World Explorers Bureau, some of the world’s most awe-inspiring women share their experiences and mindsets. They include renowned speaker and some of the most accomplished female explorers and adventurers on the planet.

Women like Ann Daniels (polar explorer), Anne Doubilet (underwater explorer and photographer), Ants-Bolingbroke-Kent (adventurer and TV producer), Arita Baaijens (biologist and author), Avril Copeland (hockey player, endurance runner and physiotherapist), Brigitte Muir (adventurer), Chloe Chick (explorer), Dale Templar (TV wildlife documentary producer), Felicity Aston (Antarctic skier), Hajar Ali (founder of Urbane Nomads), Jessica Hatcher (journalist and travel writer), Kate Leeming (tennis player and adventurer cyclist), Lia Ditton (artist and sailor, Lorie Karnath Marquesas (explorer, adventurer, and author), Captain Lynn Danaher (commercial fisherman), Maria Leijerstam (cyclist), Nancy Vogel (cyclist), Roz Savage (2010 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and ocean rower), Sophie Ibbotson (rickshaw rider), Sue Stockdale (adventurer), and Verna van Schaik (cave diver) engage audiences with inspiration, laughter and dramatic storytelling.

But there is only one swimmer in the entire group: Nuala Moore.

Even among its Ocean Speakers and all its male speakers, there is still only one swimmer: Nuala Moore.

Moore, well-known in the open water world for her participation in the Round Ireland Swim, ice swims inside the Arctic Circle, and the Bering Strait Swim, is engaging and educational as she speaks to travelers on Celebrity cruise ships.

She speaks this week in Naples, Santorini, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Mikonos, Athens and Sicily on various topics including the development of her ice swimming career, hypothermia and survival mechanisms, and the physiological concept that “you don’t have to be thin to be fit”.

I will talk about the difference between the impossible and the possibility is planning and training, and the relay around Ireland and the Bering Strait and its impact on our lives. I will discuss how the concept of Team matters in life and in sport. It’s wonderful work and it is such a pleasure to share our passion and information to a new audience each time.”

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