Axel Reymond Beats Gravley Brothers to Win USA Swimming National 10K Championships

Axel Reymond Beats Gravley Brothers to Win USA Swimming National 10K Championships

Over the last two decades, there have been many great open water races in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. This past weekend was no exception at the USA Swimming Open Water National and Junior Championships between April 1st – 3rd.

On Day One, steady winds picked up and created a turbulence that visiting Frenchman Axel Reymond had face before.

Unlike the women’s race that was won comfortably by Olympian Katie Grimes, Reymond won in a close race against Brennan Gravley with Gravley’s younger brother in third. Dylan Gravley discussed the race with USA Swimming, “I was trying to maintain my position and keep up with Brennan. I’m taking baby steps, it is another year and I was a few places upwards of where I was last year. I’m maintaining my spot (on the Open Water National Team) and that is all I can really ask for.”

Men’s 10 km National Championship Results:

  1. Axel Reymond, France, 2:02:49
  2. Brennan Gravley, Unattached, 2:02:53
  3. Dylan Gravley, Sun Devil Swimming, 2:03:13
  4. Joseph Tepper, University of Tennessee, 2:03:39
  5. James Brinegar, Indiana University, 2:05:44
  6. Zach Ondrej, Czech Republic, 2:07:40
  7. Simon Lamar, Fast Swim Team, 2:08:27
  8. David Heron, Mission Viejo Nadadores, 2:10:20
  9. Marcel Schouten, Netherlands, 2:12:03
  10. Theodore Smith, Unattached, 2:12:09
  11. Joshua Brown, Highlander Aquatic Club, 2:12:44
  12. Tyler Watson, Unattached, 2:12:49
  13. Trey Dickey, Texas A & M University, 2:15:52
  14. Brice Barrieault, Sandpipers of Nevada, 2:16:10
  15. Ivan Puskovitch, Unattached, 2:18:13
  16. William Glass, Nova of Virginia, 2:18:31
  17. John Gallant, NC State University, 2:20:15
  18. John Vandeusen, Unattached, 2:20:21
  19. Connor Fry, South Texas Aquatics, 2:21:47
  20. William Mullen, Unattached, 2:24:12
  21. Colby Hughes, South Bay Aquatics, 2:24:17
  22. Aidan Pflieger, Reno Aquatic Club, 2:24:58
  23. Maksim Maskalenka, Sandpipers 0f Nevada, 2:28:27
  24. DNF Jacob Pishko, Lakeside Aquatic Club
  25. DNF Devin Bauman, Sandpipers 0f Nevada
  26. DNF Jack Lambert, Sarasota Sharks
  27. DNF Jacob Narvid, University 0f Tennessee

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