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The 2013 FINA World Championships will be held in Barcelona, Spain, a city that has successfully staged previous world championships.

Back in 2003, the World Championships were also held in Barcelona where the following medalists swam well:

5K Men
Gold: Evgeni Kochkarov (RUS)
Silver: Christian Hein (GER)
Bronze: Vladimir Dyatchin (RUS)
10K Men
Gold: Vladimir Dyatchin (RUS)
Silver: Christian Hein (GER)
Bronze: David Meca (ESP)
25K Men
Gold: Yuri Kudinov (RUS)
Silver: David Meca (ESP)
Bronze: Petar Stoychev (BUL)

5K Women
Gold: Viola Valli (ITA)
Silver: Jana Pechanová (CZE)
Bronze: Britta Kamrau (GER)
10K Women
Gold: Viola Valli (ITA)
Silver: Angela Maurer (GER)
Bronze: Edith van Dijk (NED)
Gold: Edith van Dijk (NED)
Silver: Britta Kamrau (GER)
Bronze: Angela Maurer (GER)

Looking over these medalists, Petar Stoychev and Angela Maurer are still going strong at the world-class level.

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