Back To The Future In Hong Kong

Back To The Future In Hong Kong

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

It was only a matter of time before Anna Olasz of Hungary won a FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup.

The young Hungarian first showed her potential in local races on the European continent, but then really debuted among the world’s top echelon at the 2012 London Olympic Games qualification race in Portugal when she just missed out in representing her native country at the 2012 Olympic Games. Olasz just barely lost to eventual Olympic champion Éva Risztov and quickly started looking forward to 2016.

She eventually moved to Arizona in the United States for her college education, but the serious student-athlete continues to march up the pecking order among world’s fastest open water swimmers. The Hong Hong race was her break-out performance where she faced a slew of top Olympians in Poliana Okimoto, Keri-Anne Payne, Ana Marcela Cunha, Melissa Gorman, and Angela Maurer. The Arizona State University student came through and came out in tough in an extremely tough and close race where the top 13 women finished within 15 seconds of one another.

The race also featured swimmers from Ecuador (Samantha Arevalo), Thailand (Benjaporn Sriphanomthorn, Ammiga Himathongkom, and Porsuda Viniyompong) – other emerging areas of interest in open water swimming.

Olasz and the other young, emerging athletes are showing the future is now as they look forward to 2016 and Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic Games.

The results from the Hong Kong FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup:

1. Anna Olasz, Hungary 2:05:20.7
2. Poliana Okimoto, Brazil 2:05:20.9
3. Keri-Anne Payne, Great Britain 2:05:22.2
4. Ana Marcela Cunha, Brazil 2:05:22.2
5. Charlotte Webby, New Zealand 2:05:30.3
6. Zaira Cardenas, Mexico 2:05:31.2
7. Jessica Walker, Australia 2:05:31.2
8. Melissa Gorman, Australia 2:05:32.6
9. Mariia Novikova, Russia 2:05:33.4
10. Olga Kozydub, Russia 2:05:33.4
11. Christine Jennings, USA 2:05:33.8
12. Angela Maurer, Germany 2:05:34.5
13. Montserrat Ortuna Clapera, Mexico 2:05:35.4
14. Yumi Kida, Japan 2:05:43.8
15. Anastasiia Azarova, Russia 2:05:46.2
16. Chelsea Gubecka, Australia 2:05:56.4
17. Samantha Arevalo, Ecuador 2:05:57.4
18. Patricia Castaneda, Mexico 2:05:59.5
19. Karla Šitić , Croatia 2:06:24.3
20. Angelina Kargaltseva, Russia 2:06:55.7
21. Danielle Huskisson, Great Britain 2:07:47.2
22. Yang Dandan, China 2:09:42.4
23. Risa Yoshioka, Japan 2:13:18.3
24. Aleksandea Sokolova, Russia 2:13:18.3
25. Miki Asayama, Japan 2:13:23.1
26. Kaoru Yamanaka, Japan 2:13:37.2
27. Benjaporn Sriphanomthorn, Thailand 2:15:30.6
28. Ni Yichen, China 2:15:39.3
29. Chan Fiona On Yi, Hong Kong 2:15:51.3
30. Nao Okubo, Japan 2:18:00.8
31. Ammiga Himathongkom, Thailand 2:23:03.4
32. Fu Yu-Ching, Taiwan 2:23:14.7
33. Sun Shin-Han, Taiwan 2:23:16.6
34. Lee Tiffany Wan Fung, Hong Kong 2:23:19.1
35. Chang Esme Wai, Hong Kong 2:27:58.9
36. Anna Gakhokidze, Kazakhstan 2:30:45.8
37. Wong Ming Yu Claudia, Hong Kong 2:32:44.5
38. Porsuda Viniyompong, Thailand 2:34:18.6
39. Kwok Cho Yiu, Hong Kong 2:34:21.7
DNF Emily Brunemann, USA
DNF Valeriia Ermakova, Russia
DNF Li Hannah Hang Fung, Hong Kong

Photo by MTI.

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