Back to the Light - The Boston Light

Back to the Light – The Boston Light

John Daprato is writing an autobiography about his comeback swim and a year of his life preparing for the Boston Light Swim. “It could be compared to a book about mountain climbing with the added element of an older prize-fighter trying to make a comeback, with the Boston Light being my high mountain with time running out for me.

I am the swimmer with a dream of one more big swim to make things right. The Boston Light was the swim that I wanted to do for ten years, but never could for one reason or another. In the real world, I was being pulled in different directions. Non-swimmers and my family doctor tried to persuade me to use my time and energy on productive things like my career, business, friends, family, etc. They said extreme sports were supposed to be only for the under 40 crowd.

The book covers a year where I had to break out of old habits and be unpractical in many ways. It’s about taking selfishness to a new level in order to stand a chance of meeting my goal. The great Boston Light Swim being the starting point, the finishing point and my Mount Everest

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