Basic Instincts In The Water

Basic Instincts In The Water

We are anxious to try out FINIS’ new ergonomically advanced Instinct Paddles in the open water.

We know the Instinct Paddles help swimmers feel for the right palm-positive hand position while sculling in the pool. Like its older cousin, the Agility Paddles, the strapless design of the Instinct Paddles can heighten stroke awareness and emphasize stroke imperfections, making it easier to identify and correct technique in the flat-water conditions of chlorinated pools. The Instinct Paddles’ convex design also promotes an early catch during the sculling motion and reminds the swimmer to maintain an early vertical forearm position.

The paddles work for all four strokes and are available in two sizes: Medium & Large.

Now to check them out in the open water in a real-world test both in calm and rough water conditions…

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Steven Munatones