BCT Gdynia Marathon 2015

BCT Gdynia Marathon 2015

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

BCT Gdynia Marathon 2015 has a new formula, scheduled between August 21st-23rd.

Fifteen competitive swimmers will participate in 20 km Hel – Gdynia Marathon while up to 150 swimmers will compete in the 2.95 km Open Race or the 4x200m relay race or 800m Splash Race.

This year we would like all races to take place – for the first time – on the same day. We are convinced that thanks to such solution we will offer more emotions to our fans by making the event much more spectacular. Nevertheless, due to situating a portion of routes on the open waters of Puck Bay, the decision regarding the precise dates of particular contests shall be made three days before them being scheduled, so that we are sure that the weather will not play any trick on us,” Krzysztof Szymborski.

For more information, contact Mikołaj Nałęcz-Nieniewski via email at [email protected].

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