Be Kind To Your Yacker Week

Be Kind To Your Yacker Week

Be Kind To Your Yacker Week

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Phil White announced the second annual Be Kind To Your Yacker Week during the first week in April.  

Last year we started this national tribute to Yackers for their indispensible help and support of open water swimming,” explained the irrepressible founder of the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association

Swimmers and yackers alike can check out the Kayaker Instructions page on our Kingdom Swim website.” 

Haiku to the Yacker by Sgt. Jim Cowig of Newburyport, Massachusetts:

smooth molded plastic
an oasis of safety
always at my side

Haiku to the Yacker by Steven Munatones of Huntington Beach, California:

at night alongside
darkness on the left and right
my lifeline and guide
 Ode to My Yacker by Phil White of Derby, Vermont:
Yacker, My Yacker, wherever we roam
You water and feed me and guide my way home
Without you I’m nothing, a lost feckless soul
Locked in the lanes of my short little pool
But with paddle flashing and you by my side
The waters are open, the world is so wide
There’s nothing we can’t do, no challenge too great 
One stroke at a time, my aquarian mate.

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