Be Motivated, Be Inspired, Swim The Dream

Be Motivated, Be Inspired, Swim The Dream

Courtesy of Kathy Batts and Ian Muir.

One of the biggest hurdles faced by swimmers preparing for an English Channel swim is the six-hour qualifying swim – two hours is required for relay swimmers.

The swimmer has to have trained to do it. There are no shortcuts to completely the qualifying swim:

* The water temperature has to be ‘warm’ enough, but not too ‘warm’ – 16°C (61°F) or less.
* The swim has to beat the deadlines for the forms to be submitted.
* There has to be time for more six-hour for individuals or two-hour training swims for relay members.
* There also has to be time to taper before the main event.

King of the English Channel for his 34 career crossings, Kevin Murphy, said, “It’s a bit of a jigsaw trying to get all the pieces in place and especially difficult for those planning Channel swims in June or July.”

Around the world, problems across the spectrum are faced: some swimmers can’t find water warm enough. Others can’t find it cold enough.

Now Murphy has teamed up with two other experienced Channel swimmers to offer a solution. They have organized a swim camp on the Spanish island of Menorca from October 29th to November 3rd 2016.

King Kev said, “We will offer the training, the advice and the expertise to get swimmers through their six and two hour assessments.”

Joining him at The Kings Swimmers’ Swim Camps as guides are Kathy Batts (1 English Channel solo, 16 Channel relays, Round Manhattan, Loch Lomond) and Ian Muir (3 solo Channel swims).

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Steven Munatones