Be Race Ready - Open Water Essentials By Gerry Rodrigues

Be Race Ready – Open Water Essentials By Gerry Rodrigues

Courtesy of Gerry Rodrigues, Tower 26, Santa Monica.

Be Race Ready podcast episode #11 is posted online.

Coach Gerry Rodrigues discusses the essentials of open water swimming from the requisite skills to the simplest sighting technique.

Tower 26’s Rodrigues describes the need for sighting, changes in speed, pack swimming, take-out speed, buoy turns, drafting, and the varying race environments including starts and finishes and race variables like surf and currents in 30 minutes of education.

Regarding sighting for triathletes, Rodrigues observes that most athletes do not sight enough in their races and teaches how triathletes can and should fluidly incorporate sighting within the stroke cycle. “We teach 6 strokes, then sight. But this depends on the conditions. Most of us do not have excellent internal radar and we can get slightly off-course. We need skills to sight frequently – maximum of 10 strokes – without an impact on our speed.”

He describes the difference between a head lift and a sighting. “If you did not see anything on your sighting attempt, then that is simply a head lift and you should repeat the sighting on the next stroke cycle. We build in fluidly incorporate our sighting into each one of our pool training sessions.”

The Tower 26 Be Race Ready episodes are available free on iTunes and at together with host Jim Lubinski.

It’s shocking to me that in a few short months with less than a dozen episodes we are downloaded in 93 countries and approaching 20,000 downloads this month,” says Coach Rodrigues.

It is not surprising to us. “Rodrigues is a world-class coach who learned his techniques in hard-fought open water races around the world against the best competition,” says Steven Munatones. “He focuses on what is necessary, both while training in the pool and racing in the open water. What he says, works. Any participation in one of his workouts and an observation of any of his races will confirm that he really knows what he is talking about based on decades of experience and an knack for concisely and clearly describing what is required.”

Listen to the latest Tower 26 podcast here.

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