Be Race Ready Podcast On Tautness, Alignment, Propulsion

Be Race Ready Podcast On Tautness, Alignment, Propulsion

Courtesy of Gerry Rodrigues, Tower 26, Santa Monica Beach, California.

The Be Race Ready podcast series episodes #4 and 5 are loaded for listening.

These episodes focus on triathlon swim technique. “It is all you need to know,” explains coach Gerry Rodrigues.

Listen to the basic technical foundation upon which the backbone of proper triathlon swim mechanics are built. Learn it, practice and execute it with frequency, and then see yourself improve and gain confidence.”

The episodes are available free on iTunes and at where Coach Rodrigues talks about tautness and alignment affect propulsion. “When you see swimmers in the water, you can see great posture and great structure. We need to learn how to hold our bodies properly in the water.”

Swimmers and triathletes can listen on their way to and from work or practice. The free podcasts are all under 30 minutes and hosted by Jim Lubinski.

Listen here.

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