Beautifying Brooklyn

Beautifying Brooklyn

Kate Orff’s creativity and vision are compelling.

Back in 2010 and showcased at the Museum of Modern Art, Orff made a model that demonstrates how the long-since-gone oyster islands of South Brooklyn in New York City can be created.

At the exhibition, Orff explained her dreams.

We propose to nurture an active oyster culture that engages issues of water quality, rising tides, and community based development around Brooklyn’s Red Hook and Gowanus Canal. A watery regional park for the New York Harbor emerges that prefigures the city’s return to the waterfront in the next century. The reef attenuates waves and cleans millions of gallons of Harbor water through harnessing the biotic processes of oysters, mussels and eelgrass, and enables neighborhood fabrics that welcome the water to develop further inland.”

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