Beauty, Brains And Brawn On The FINA Athletes Commission

Beauty, Brains And Brawn On The FINA Athletes Commission

The first FINA Athletes Commission was formed in 1992 and has been headed up by Shelley Taylor-Smith, FINA’s 1991 world 25K champion, and Olympic pool swimming greats such as three-time gold medalist Janet Evans and 9-time medalist Alexander Popov.

The Petar Stoychev and Britta Kamrau (shown on left), two great open water swimming ambassadors and world champions who were recently inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, are representatives on this Commission.

These athletes, and their colleagues from the other aquatic disciplines of pool swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and diving, seem to have it all: individuals with beauty, brains and brawn who combine it in a personable, multi-lingual package. For example, Britta has has not only posed for Maxim Germany and other publications, but she is also working towards being a judge in Germany, a career that requires intelligence, astute judgment, strength of character and diligence – the same characteristics that she used to help her win numerous professional marathon swims and 25K world championship races.

It is an impressive group of water-based athletes including Alexander Popov, Gustavo Borges, Penny Heyns, Francesco Attolico, Cora Campbell, Virginie Dedieu, Matthew Dunn, Jingjing Guo, Britta Kamrau, Martina Moravcova, Aaron Peirsol, Fernando Platas, Petar Stoychev, Miyako Tanaka-Oulevey and Nory Kruchten, the FINA Liaison.

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Steven Munatones