The Beauty Of Adventure Swimming Above And Below

The Beauty Of Adventure Swimming Above And Below

Cinametographer Mike Madden and Executive Producer Lara Popyack will utilize their talents to create a unique documentary on adventure swimming.

Madden is known for his work on the award-winning work on the BBC TV series Planet Earth, and his underwater camera work in caves.

Having filmed some of the most dangerous and spectacular underwater caves in the world, Madden and his crew are anxious to bring the underwater world of Lake Tahoe alive. Working with Jamie Patrick, they will turn The Tahoe 360, a 68-mile circumnavigation around the perimeter of Lake Tahoe, into a featured documentary.

Madden will examine the athleticism, preparation and logistics of Patrick’s adventure swim around Lake Tahoe, as well as showcase the behind-the-scenes action of the crew and the beauty of Lake Tahoe from perspectives both under and above the water. Long-distance deep water swimming shots, remote aerial filming, and time-lapsed shot through iconic Emerald Bay (shown above) will bring alive an adventure swimmer‘s love of swimming and the beauty of one of the greatest lakes in the world.

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Steven Munatones