The Beauty Of Body Surfing

The Beauty Of Body Surfing

For swimmers in ocean swims along coastlines from Australia to Florida, body surfing is an art that can separate themselves from their competitors if they catch a perfect wave at the finish. It is also a sport practiced by millions who enjoy the acceleration and power of riding a wave into shore.

Body surfing is an essential skill for competitive athletes who participate in ocean swims and triathlons in locations where there are breaking waves close to shore.

Experienced swimmers and triathletes can identify swells as they swim into shore and catch waves to move significantly faster through the water than simply swimming – even sprinting.

This skill to catch a wave at the end of an open water swim or triathlon swim leg enables these experienced practitioners to beat their less experienced competitors. And while experienced athletes use body surfing for competitive advantages and thrill-seeking fun, newcomers and lesser competitive athletes can – and should – use their experience and awareness in the waves to be safe in the ocean, especially when the waves get high or are pounding the surf.

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