Becca Mann Keeps Getting Better And Better

Becca Mann Keeps Getting Better And Better

15-year-old Becca Mann swam over 3 hours against the toughest fields in American female open water swimming history…and came within 3.2 seconds of winning both races.

In today’s 5 km sprint in rough water conditions, Mann lost to Haley Anderson 1:00:36.51 vs. 1:00:38.04. In Friday’s 10 km marathon, she lost to Christine Jennings 2:02:14.33 to 2:02:16.06.

Stroke-for-stroke, shoulder-to-shoulder, the Clearwater, Florida swimmer kept her composure throughout the tactical races. She clearly has a mental aptitude for the sport and her physical skills are without question as the high school freshman now turns her sights to the pool.

I going to go back to the pool and train for the 400m, 800m and 1500m freestyles at the [USA Swimming] World Championship [pool] qualifiers. I am also looking at the 400 IM and 200 butterfly. I really like swimming more events, not just one. I recover pretty well and like them all.”

She acknowledges her advantage with the profound wisdom of an experienced, well-spoken veteran. “I am still young, but last week, I was really tired. I was at a pool competition, but then just started to relax for about 5 days [leading up to the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships]. I was doing some hard training, but just needed to relax.

And I really like the energy of this venue [Castaic Lake]. I really liked both races [the 5 km and 10 km]. The weather is great, the water is warm, the surrounding mountains are pretty. It really is just perfect

Spoken like an athlete with a clear path to success.

Photo of Becca Mann taken minutes after the tough 5 km race was over with an untouched gel pack still tucked under her swimsuit on her right leg. “I didn’t need to take it.”

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