Becca Mann's Ultramarathon Trans Tahoe Solo Triumph

Becca Mann’s Ultramarathon Trans Tahoe Solo Triumph

Becca Mann cruised to victory in the solo division swimming the 15.5 km from Sand Harbor, Nevada to Skylandia Beach, California in a time of 3 hours, 53 minutes.  More remarkably, the 25-year old finished ahead of all but three of the 220 teams of 6 competing in the relay division. 

Becca Mann is a two-time United States Open Water National Champion and marathon swimmer who last year became the first person to complete The Triple Maui Nui swim, a 69 km swim from Maui to Lanai to Molokai and back to Maui. 

She heard about the Trans Tahoe Solo from fellow US National team member David Herron, who won the race last year and managed to beat all of the relay swimmers. 

“I really wanted to do a long hard swim with a gorgeous view and great people and this was the swim… I will be here next year and the year after and every year to follow.”

Becca Mann

This was the second annual Trans Tahoe Solo which is part of the Ultramarathon Swim Series bringing together top ultra distance amateurs and professionals to travel, compete and celebrate in historic waters around the world. 

Finishing first in the Men’s division was Steve Wilbur, representing North Bay Aquatics, with a time of 5 hours, 40 minutes.

Michelle Goodwin, Winner of the Capitola to Santa Cruz 10k Swim in 2022, finished second in the women’s division in a time of 6 hours, 37 minutes. 

Khan Nguyen, who runs the largest swim club in his home country of Vietnam, was not able to finish the race, stopping at the 3 hour mark due to risk of hypothermia. 

In the wetsuit division, Kostas Sarrigeorgidis of Stanford Masters put up the winning time of 4 hours, 7 minutes. Finishing second in the wetsuit division was 6-time Trans Tahoe Relay veteran, Brian Wilber. 

At the start in Sand Harbor the soloists left with the first wave of relay competitors at 7:30AM, where their support kayakers were waiting for them around the first turn buoy as they set their course for Skylandia Beach across the largest alpine lake in North America.  

1Becca MannUSAF3:53:11
2Steve WilburUSAM5:40:00
3Michelle GoodwinUSAF6:37:28
DNFKhan NguyenVitenamMNT
Wetsuit Division
1Kostas SarrigeorgidisUSAM4:07:47
2Brian WilberUSAM5:23:58

On the relay side, an armada of boats stretched from Sand Harbor Nevada heading west carrying 220 teams of 6 swimmers each. The competitors rotated through swimming 30 minute legs each, followed by 10 minute legs until they reached shore. 

The Tahoe Eleven Milers claimed victory in the relay division with a time of 3 hours and 19 minutes. The team was made of long time Tahoe veteran George Tidmarsh (captain), Andreas Waschburger, Barton Wells, Thomas Lurz, Heidi George & Ruwen Straub. 

Finishing second in the relay division was the Olympic Club A boat made of Joby Bernstein (captain), Chad La Tourette, Christopher Ferguson, Allison Arnold, William Roberts and Drew Cosgarea. 

The third place relay team, The Seal Spotter Support Group, included Natalia Orbach-Mandel (captain),  Andrew Cotter, Jillian Rice, Mackenzie Kirk, Marco Conati, Hannah Orbach-Mandel

About Trans Tahoe Relay

Trans Tahoe Relay began in 1976 when Olympian Frank Coghlan proposed the idea of a race between the Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club of San Francisco that was established in 1877 and Olympic Club of San Francisco across the beautiful, clear waters of Lake Tahoe. With over 1,000 swimmers annually participating in the relay race, the event has become a popular reunion among masters swimmers around the world.

About the UltraMarathon Swim Series 

The purpose of the Ultramarathon Swim Series is to bring together top ultra distance professionals and amateurs to create a platform where they can travel, compete, and celebrate in historic waters around the world. This initiative aims to support race directors in marketing, promoting, and sponsoring the sport on a global scale, filling the void left by the discontinued FINA UltraMarathon Swim Series.