Become An Expert Escort Paddler In The Open Water

Become An Expert Escort Paddler In The Open Water

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famer David Clark, who spoke on this topic at the Global Open Water Swimming Conference, is offering an Escort Paddler’s Class in La Jolla Shores, north of San Diego, California, on July 10th.

It is, without a doubt, an ideal educational opportunity for those who wish to escort open water swimmers.

If you have thought about being a paddler for a swimmer on long distance ocean swims, this free class will show you the best techniques for escorting open water swimmers safely and enjoyably,” explained Paula Selby, Catalina Channel Swimming Federation Support.

First, we’ll cover the basics of paddling for a swimmer, including safety, navigation, feedings, and racing strategies. After that, we’ll paddle out for some hands-on experience in the water.”

David (shown on left) encourages swimmers and paddlers to attend this class together and to take turns paddling and swimming with a paddler. It’s the best way to understand the teamwork involved in a successful open water swim. Be prepared to be out in the elements for a few hours. Wear sunscreen, a hat to protect you from the sun’s rays, something to sit on, a towel, swimsuit(and/or a wetsuit), plenty of water to keep hydrated, and something to munch on. If you’ve have one, bring your kayak, paddle board or longboard for the in-water part of the class.”

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Steven Munatones