Being Exposed In The Water

Being Exposed In The Water

For men who swim regularly and hang around pool decks, wearing swim briefs (i.e., Speedos) is a natural thing to do.

For men who also do open water swims, channel crossings and lifesaving competitions, the traditional tight-fitting, quick-drying swim wear is also the overwhelmingly global equipment of choice.

But Speedos, first made popular by its Australian originator and now owned by the Pentland Group in the United Kingdom, are also known in English as swim briefs, swimsuits, competition briefs, togs, bathers, racer bathers, posing briefs, racing briefs, budgie smugglers, bikinis, cossie, swimmers, swimming costumes, bathing costume, bathing suit, swimming trunks, trunks or sluggos.

Brands include Speedo, TYR, Nike, Dolfin, Arena, Kiefer, Adidas, aussieBum and Nautica.

While Speedos are used unfailingly by open water swimmers, they used to be worn by triathletes in the 1980s and 1990s. Now few wear them. But World Ironman Champion Faris Al Sultan is a well-known holdout for old school triathlon attire. He explains why towards the end of this interview (watch from 6:30):

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