Being Unreasonable At Sea

Being Unreasonable At Sea

Remarkable. Astonishing. Heroic.

These are some of the words used to describe open water swimmers by their land-based admirers.

Crazy. Impossible. Unreasonable. Are some other words that can be described by some of what open water swimmers attempt.

To each their own.

But unreasonable has been used to described many people throughout history who have pushed the boundaries of sport, politics, arts and business.

Unreasonable At Sea is an unusually innovative attempt by Daniel Epstein to solve the problems of today: Big Dilemmas, Social Issues and Complex Quandaries found on the Planet Earth. Epstein believes that entrepreneurship is the answer to nearly all the issues mankind faces in the modern world – and he is taking it to the oceans to help kick-start the solutions. We call that aquapreneurship.

Unreasonable At Sea is taking a number of socially conscious entrepreneurs and mentors around the world on a boat for a 100-day voyage touching leaders in 13 countries. These individuals from 11 ventures, fueled by Epstein’s vision, provide myriad products and services ranging from affordable medical products to drone sailboats that clean oceans. They are all trying to make the world a better place for themselves and others.

Sometimes, a swimmer steps up to the shoreline and people whisper, “It can’t be done.” Sometimes, people say, “Why try?” Sometimes, others think, “Give it up. It’s unreasonable.”

Epstein and his crew are also Unreasonable at Sea. And proud of it.

The ventures onboard Unreasonable At Sea include Aquaphytex that provides clean water to 300,000 people without chemicals or energy (just plants), Damascus Fortune that is a nanotechnology to transform carbon emissions into material for spaceships, Innoz that offers the most used mobile-app in India with over 120 million users, Vita Beans Neural Solutions that educates and empowers teachers through a gamified platform, The IOU Project that changes the dynamics of supply chains in apparel, Solar Ear that develops digitally programmable and rechargeable hearing aids, Protei that develops wind-powered, shape-shifting, open source sailing drones that clean oceans, Evolving Technologies that provides affordable medical devices for maternal care in emerging markets, One Earth Designs that develops the best solar cooker on earth, Prakti Design that feeds 250,000 people daily with ultra-affordable and fuel efficient stoves, and Artificial Vision for the Blind that developed artificial intelligence as a non-invasive cure for blindness.

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