Benefitting From Bangor Boats

Benefitting From Bangor Boats

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Brian Meharg of Bangor Boats has almost seen it all on the North Channel.

From helping Kevin Murphy in 1972 on a 2-way attempt and Ted Keenan in a 1973 crossing to piloting for Alison Streeter in 1988 and Colleen Mallon in 2014, his career has spanned much of the history of swimming between Scotland and Ireland. With 23 successful crossings under his escort, he has many stories to tell and many experiences to share.

For more information and details, visit Bangor Boat’s new website here.

Successful Crossings of the North Channel:
1947 Tom Blower, England
1970 Kevin Murphy, England
1971 Kevin Murphy, England
1973 Ted Keenan, Ireland
1988 Alison Streeter, England
1988 Margaret Kidd, Scotland
1989 Alison Streeter, England
1989 Kevin Murphy, England
1990 Ireland 1 relay team
1993 City of Liverpool relay
1996 Irish (Dublin) relay
1997 Alison Streeter, England
1999 Paul Lewis, England
1999 Californian relay
2000 Steve Price, England
2002 City of Liverpool relay
2004 City of Derry relay, team
2004, Colm O`Neill, Ireland
2008 Colleen Blair, Scotland
2010 Steve Redmond, Ireland
2010 Anne-Marie Ward, Ireland
2011 Craig Lenning, USA
2011 Howard Keech, England [shown above with Brian Meharg]
2011 Camlough relay, Ireland
2012 Machine Men relay, USA
2013 Fergal Somervill, Ireland
2013 Anna-Carin Nordin, Sweden
2013 Michelle Macy, USA
2013 Milko Van Gool, Netherlands
2013 Padraig Mallon, Ireland
2013 Darren Miller, America
2014 eleven feet relay, Ireland
2014 Finbarr Hedderman, Ireland
2014 Sabrina Weidmer, Switzerland
2014 Guy Moar, Australia
2014 Adam Walker, England
2014 Colleen Mallon, Ireland
2014 Kimberly Chambers, New Zealand

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