Bering Strait Relay Members Confirmed

Bering Strait Relay Members Confirmed

Ram Barkai (shown below), Kieron Palframan, Ryan Stramrood and Andrew Chin (South Africa), Rafal Ziobro (Poland), Zdenek Talmicka and Petr Tomasek (Czech Republic), Jack Bright (United Kingdom), Nuala Moore and Anne Marie Ward (Ireland), Alexander Brylin (Russia), Paolo Chiarino (Italy) and Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden) have committed to the 53-mile (86K) crossing of the entire width of the Bering Strait.

The members of the First Intercontinental Swimming Relay from Eurasia to America across the Bering Strait Meeting of the Sun, announced the 86K (53 mile) relay will take place between July-August, 2012.

Other experienced extreme cold-water specialists will be announced soon. Qualified athletes are based on the following criteria:

1. Hardening experience – at least 5 years
2. Personal achievements in sports
3. Distance swims in the icy water – at least 800 meters
4. The speed of movement in cold water – not less than 2.5-3 km per hour
5. Psychological stress by swimming for 3-4 steps per day, with a stay in cold water for 15-20 minutes
6. Having a sports doctor clearance

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