Bering Strait Swim Is 2013 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year

Bering Strait Swim Is 2013 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year

Bering Strait Swim Is 2013 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

It was the most dangerous and risky open water swim in history.

So many things could have gone wrong among the 121 members in the 6-day, 53-mile (86 km) relay adventure.

But so many things went right instead.

The Bering Strait Swim was selected as the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year. The collective efforts of the courageous group of individuals were an extraordinary example of exceptional courage, guts and belief in one another.

Bering Strait Swim had nearly everything and the mostest: the most swimmers, the largest budget, the longest prep time, the greatest risk, the most coordination and the most audacious vision. The Bering Strait Swim, whose concept was planted with the seeds of Lynne Cox back in 1987, was a team of hardened swimmers, staff and volunteers who expanded upon the Cox’s pioneering ice swim from Little Diomede to Big Diomede. Many of the world’s best ice swimmers from 16 countries realized years of planning in swimming from Russia to the U.S.A. The 53-mile (86 km) relay was the sport’s most dangerous swim of 2013 with large ocean swells, heavy fog, stiff winds, relentless whitecaps, currents, and water temperatures under 5ºC (41ºF). Escorted by a large ship, everything about the Bering Strait Swim was oversized. But doubts, fears and risks were compartmentalized and substituted with optimism, energy and contingency plans.

Man versus Nature was never more one-sided in a swim that was never guaranteed and always in danger of failure. For their belief in themselves, for a commitment to an adventure with life-threatening situations, for their ability to withstand 6 days of the harshest conditions possible, the Bering Strait Swim is a worthy recipient of the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award.

The members of the Bering Strait Swim included the following people:

1. Vladimir Chegorin, Russia
2. Maria Chizhova, Novosibirsk, Russia
3. Elena Guseva, Russia
4. Ram Barkai, Cape Town, South Africa
5. Jack Bright, UK
6. Oksana Veklich, Blagoveshchensk, Russia
7. Aleksandr Jakovlevs, Jelgava, Latvia (Starter, Swimmer, Navigator)
8. Matías Ola, Buenos Aires /Tucuman Argentina
9. Henri Kaarma, Tallinn, Estonia
10. Toomas Haggi, Tallinn, Estonia
11. Nuala Moore, Ireland
12. Anne Marie Ward, Donegal, Ireland
13. Toks Viviers, Cape Town, South Africa
14. Melissa O’Reilly (‘Mo’), Lambertville, New Jersey, USA
15. Ryan Stramrood, Cape Town, South Africa
16. Cristian Vergara, Santiago, Chile
17. Craig Lenning, Colorado, USA
18. Rafał Ziobro, Krakow, Poland
19. Andrew Chin, Cape Town, South Africa
20. Jackie Cobell, Tunbridge Wells, UK
21. James Pittar, Australia
22. Paolo Chiarino, Italy
23. Mariia Yrjö-Koskinen, Finland
24. Ivan Papulshenko, Ukraine
25. Zdenek Tlamicha, Czech Republic
26. Zhou Hanming, China
27. Oleg Adamov, Russia
28. Andrei Agarkov, Russia
29. Alekseev Semen, Russia
30. Tatiana Alexandrova, Russia
31. Roman Belan, Russia (Swimmer & Starter)
32. Elena Semenova, Russia
33. Alexander Brylin, Russia
34. Afanasii Diackovskii, Russia
35. Vladimir Nefatov, Russia (Swimmer and Chief Starter)
36. Evgenii Dokuchaev, Russia
37. Oleg Docuckaev, Russia (Swimmer and Chief Organiser)
38. Roman Efimov, Russia
39. Dmitrii Filitovich, Russia
40. Olga Filitovich, Russia (Swimmer & Starter/helper)
41. Victor Godlevskiy, Russia (Swimmer, Starter/helper)
42. Olga Golubeva, Russia
43. Alexei Golubkin, Russia
44. Alexander Golubkin, Russia (youngest swimmer at 13 years old)
45. Alexsandr Iurkov, Russia (Starter, swimmer, navigator)
46. Oleg Ivanov, Russia
47. Pavel Kabakov, Russia (Swimmer, starter, navigator)
48. Eduard Khodakovskiy, Russia
49. Aleksandr Komarov, Russia
50. Aleksandr Kuliapin, Russia
51. Andrey Kuzmin, Russia
52. Irina Lamkina, Russia
53. Vladimir Litvinov, Russia
54. Andrey Mikhalev, Russia
55. Victor Moskvin, Russia
56. Nikolay Petshak, Russia
57. Sergey Popov, Russia
58. Vladimir Poshivailov, Russia
59. Grigorii Prokopchuk, Russia
60. Dmitrii Zalka, Russia
61. Natalia Seraya, Russia
62. Viacheslav Shaposhnikov, Russia
63. Olga Sokolova, Russia
64. Andrei Sychev, Russia
65. Alexei Tabakov, Russia
66. Nataliia Usachaeva, Russia

67. Nikolay Khitrik, Russia (Organiser)
68. Lurii Melnikov, Russia (Organiser)
69. Sergei Chernukhin, Russia (Organiser)
70. Irina Makarova, Russia (Interpreter, Starter, helper)
71. Alexey Svistunov, Russia (President of Russian Book of Records)
72. Rafael Valdes Mendosa, Russian (Interpreter, Starter)
73. Evgeny Novazheev, Russia (kite surfer)
74. Denis Berezhnoy, Russia (kite surfer)
75. Sergey Semenov, Russia (kite surfer)
76. Mariia Netrebenko, Russia (mass media representative)
77. Viktor Muzhetckii, Russia (cameraman)
78. Vladislav Bochkovskii, Russia (mass media representative)
79. Vladislav Bykov, Russia (cameraman)
80. Dmitrii Timofeev, Russia (research team)
81. Victoria Brylin, Russia (recovery team)
82. Nataliya Fatyanova, Russia (Head of medical group)
83. Irina Zhidkova, Russia (doctor)
84. Aleksandr Gremitskikh, Russia (Chief Judge)
85. Krutikov Konstantin, Russia (mass media representative)
86. Gavriil Ugarov, Russia (research crew)
87. Denis Kabakov, Russia (support crew)
88. Kiriil Zaika, Russia (support crew)
89. Natalia Yael Szydlowski, Argentina (nutritionist)
90. Paolo Adolfo Testa, Argentina (coach)
91. Carlos Eduardo Reges, Argentina (doctor)
92. Anibal Ariel Calderon, Argentina (cameraman)
93. Guillermo Gallishaw, Argentina (cameraman)
94. Alasdair Ross McCulloch, South Africa (cameraman)

95. Yason Demeev, Russia (Chief of Hospital)
96. Oleg Revutskiy, Russia (surgeon)
97. Vyacheslav Grigoryev, Russia (traumatologist)
98. Valeriy Koshkin, Russia (dermatologist)
99. Svetlana Gulenkova, Russia (stomatologist)
100. Inna Lesnova, Russia (therapeutist)
101. Vladimir Savinskiy, Russia (doctor of functional diagnostics)
102. Sergey Demyanenko, Russia (Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics)
103. Sergey Milovanov, Russia (anesthesiologist)
104. Denis Yakushin, Russia (anesthesiologist)
105. Georgiy Feodoridi, Russia (neurosurgeon)
106. Igor Rogushin, Russia (opthamologist)
107. Yuriy Obraztsov, Russia (infectionist)
108. Oleg Fartushin, Russia (radiologist)
109. Elena Ionova, Russia (pharmacist)
110. Larisa Popova, Russia (nurse)
111. Svetlana Demenok, Russia (nurse)
112. Galina Domnina, Russia (nurse)
113. Tatyana Bolshakova, Russia (nurse)
114. Svetlana Panidova, Russia (nurse)
115. Maya Surgayeva, Russia (nurse)
116. Ludmila Denisova, Russia (nurse)
117. Valentina Shilova, Russia (nurse)
118. Elena Repula, Russia (nurse)
119. Elena Kukurba, Russia (nurse)
120. Elena Sadovaya, Russia (nurse)
121. Tatyana Nikolaeva, Russia (nurse)

The voting for the 2013 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year nominees included:

1. Bering Strait Swim, Crossing from Asia to America (International)
2. Swim4Good, Strait of Gibraltar Charity Crossing (Spain/Mexico)
3. Héctor Ramírez Ballesteros (Spain)
4. Ned Denison (Ireland)
5. Melissa Cunningham (Australia)
6. Mateusz Sawrymowicz, (Poland)
7. Emily Brunemann (U.S.A.)
8. Mohamed Marouf (Egypt)
9. Night Train Swimmers (U.S.A.)
10. Wendy Trehiou (Jersey)
11. Sylvain Estadieu (France)
12. Women’s 10K World Championship (International)
13. BCT Gdynia Marathon (Poland)
14. Ka’iwi Channel Swim (Hawaii)
15. Richard Weinberger (Canada)
The previous World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year recipients include:

* 2009: Andrew Smilley (Cayman Islands)
* 2010: Ventura Deep Six (USA)
* 2011: Nejib Belhedi (Tunisia)
* 2012: Juan Ignacio Martínez Fernández-Villamil (Spain)

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