Beth French, Stefan Stuckert Discuss Against The Tides On WOWSA Live

Beth French, Stefan Stuckert Discuss Against The Tides On WOWSA Live

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Swimmer Beth French and director Stefan Stuckert discussed their multi-layered film, Against the Tides, on today’s WOWSA Live.

During the fascinating, thought-provoking interview, French and Stuckert talk about:

  1. Her poor health during her youth and being in a wheelchair as a teenager – and the two-decade long transformation to a marathon swimmer
  2. How her mother raised her and how she raises her son Dylan
  3. Taking Dylan on her training swims, travels and channel crossings around the world
  4. Receiving the ultimate inspiration from Dylan while hiking
  5. The best moments of her Oceans Seven journey – and the worse
  6. Feeling sick and being on camera in the Catalina Channel
  7. The film tagline Your Own Destiny
  8. Filming on the sea in a moving boat while waiting for the perfect moments
  9. Capturing over 90 hours of raw footage and the emotional ups and downs throughout the channel crossings
  10. How French and Stuckert met for the first time

For information about her feature-length documentary film Against the Tides, directed by Stefan Stuckert, visit here.

Stefan Stuckert, director of Against the Tides

For more information on French, visit here.

French discussed her experience on one of the channels of the Oceans Seven, swimming with a shark in the middle of the Molokai Channel, at Google headquarters (see here).

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