Beth Margalis Wins 2013 Southern Pacific Open Water Title

Beth Margalis Wins 2013 Southern Pacific Open Water Title

Former USA Swimming national team member Beth Margalis won the 2013 Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Series.

Coordinator Tanya MacLean explains, “Thank [everyone] for making 2013 a successful open water season and we look forward to you joining us for the 2014 open water season.”

The season series was a five-event circuit of all ocean swims where the water ranged from rough and cold to smooth and warm, including point-to-point and out-and-back courses, testing all the various skills of the swimmers.

The series started off with the United States Masters Swimming 10K Open Water National Championships in Las Vegas and followed up with the 44th Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, the 38th Newport Pier 2 Pier 2-mile Ocean Swim, the U.S. Masters Swimming 2.4-mile Open Water National Championships in Dana Point, and ended up with the Corona del Mar 1-mile Ocean Swim.

25-29 Female
1. Beth Margalis (FMT) 80 points
2. Amanda Best (SCAQ) 52
1. Tanya MacLean (NOVA) 60
2. Heather Melrose (BGWM) 52
3. Invanka Gavanski (BGWM) 48
40-44 Female
1. Jana Chesley (ROSE) 76
2. Eva Scalzo (UNAT) 72
45-49 Female
1. Kathy Gore (SOBA) 42
2. Melissa Latt (SCAQ) 38
3. Eileen Span (MVN) 34
50-54 Female
1. Maureen MacDonald (SCAQ) 66
2. Lynn Kubasek (NOVA) 52
3. Diane Bathgate (MSCA) 48
55-59 Female
1. Denise Hearst (CVMM) 66
60-64 Female
1. Kathleen Nielsen (GWSC) 58
65-69 Female
1. Katherine Watson (OJAI) 66

Photo above shows Professor Katherine Watson of Ojai Masters.

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