Big Corn, A Little Bit Of Everything

Big Corn, A Little Bit Of Everything

Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island are part of the Corn Islands 70 kilometers off the coast of Nicaragua.

The islands are tropical paradises in the Caribbean Sea with exotic fruit trees, native palms, coral reefs inhabited by reef sharks and hammerhead sharks, and white sand beaches that were previously a haven for pirates in the 17th century.

Numerous shipwrecks and treasures still lay scattered along the turquoise shores of the Corn Islands where scuba divers, surfers and snorkelers abound.

Karah Nazor Friberg will do an unprecedented swim around Big Corn Island. Ten miles of aquamarine beauty. US$150 to be expertly piloted around the entire perimeter of Big Corn Island by Nautilus Big Corn. “We go down to Nicaragua for surfing, snorkeling and swimming around Big Corn. My husband Ben Friberg was checking out South and Central America vacation spots. He found that Nicaragua has a bit of everything ocean-related that we like and it is super inexpensive.”

A course of beauty in an ocean bordered by gorgeous seacoasts and coral reef, escorted by local mariners at a reasonable price. Sounds like paradise for open water swimming.

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Steven Munatones