Big River Man Heads Up The Mountain To Come Down

Big River Man Heads Up The Mountain To Come Down

The Amazon. The Mississippi. The Danube. The Yangtze. The Paraná. And now the Colorado River. The Big River Man, Martin Strel, is coming to America (again).

Martin’s next downstream river challenge will start in May when he plans to swim down the mighty 1,450-mile (2330K) Colorado River in the western United States.

Colorado River is America’s most iconic river. It is a source of water for 27 million Americans in seven states, and demands on it are increasing.”

“Scientists are concerned that vital storage lakes on the river could dry up in the next few decades
,” explains Martin of the river that begins high up in the majestic Rocky Mountains. “I want to show people how important it is to save such fresh and clean river.”

Swimming downstream may seem easy, but in the Colorado River Martin will need to navigate safely down the dangerous rapids found in the canyon, sharp rocky shallows and unpredictable drop-offs. A helmet – not a swim cap – may be required.

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Steven Munatones