Bill Ireland, Superman Mild-mannered Open Water Swimmer

Bill Ireland, Superman Mild-mannered Open Water Swimmer

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

If the name of Bill Ireland comes up at an open water swim somewhere around the world, no matter what the continent or time of year, it is highly probable that name refers to the exact same guy. Bill is a personable attorney from Los Angeles, California who simply get around.

A mild-mannered professional on land, he turns into Superman once he sees an open water entry form.

Not only did Bill set a world record in the Catalina Channel this summer as part of the Aquaboomers Over 50 Men’s Relay with Brad Magit, Dan Leonard, Tracy Edwards, Bruce Thomas and Steve Lowe, but he also did another 50+ miles of local swims from the Bondi to Bronte in Sydney, Australia to a Golden Gate swim with Pedro Ordones in San Francisco.

He also chalked up another Maui Channel Swim and Waikiki Roughwater Swim in his four-decade career. In 2011, he also participated in three different U.S. Masters Open Water Swimming Championships from coast to coast – the 10K in Fort Myers, Florida, the 5K at Coney Island, New York and the 2-Mile Cable Swim at Foster Lake, Oregon.

Between his aquatic adventures and numerous legal briefs and client meetings, Bill also took the time to participate in the Slam the Dam in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Trans Tahoe Relay in Lake Tahoe, and the Jane Cairns Santa Barbara 6-Mile.

Taking life in huge gulps with no slowing down in sight, he also spent numerous weekends participating in other swims including Nite Moves, the Playa Del Run, the Hermosa Pier to Pier, the Newport Pier to Pier, the Corona Del Mar Ocean Swim, the La Jolla Rough Water Swim, the Del Mar Powerhouse, the Naples Island 3 Mile Swim, the Encinitas Moonlight Swim, the La Jolla Pier to Cove, and the San Diego to Coronado Sharkfest…among others.

If there is anyone who embodies and epitomizes the open water swimming lifestyle, it is Bill Ireland. From cold water lake swims to warm water tropical adventures, he tackles marathon swims, channel relays and local mile swims – smiling, laughing and enjoying the camaraderie and competition with others who enjoy the outdoors.

It is a super schedule by a super man.

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