Blonde In Deep Water

Blonde In Deep Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Blonde In Deep Water is a biography of Brenda Fisher, the most famous open water swimmer of her generation.

Written by Lucy Wood, Blonde In Deep Water goes back in time to explore the life and times of Fisher who was the first female finisher at the Billy Butlin Cross Channel International Swim across the English Channel in 1951, placing fifth overall in 12 hours 42 minutes. She later finished third overall as the first women in the 1954 Billy Butlin Cross Channel International Swim, completing the English Channel crossing in 14 hours 36 minutes. She also raced down the Nile River in Egypt and across Lake Ontario in Canada during her prolific swimming career.

Her fame led to appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show and as a pin-up girl for 7 Up.

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