Blue Mind 7: The Seven Ages Of Water

Blue Mind 7: The Seven Ages Of Water

Courtesy of Blue Mind Life, Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

The 7th Annual Blue Mind Summit in Wisconsin will be held on April 4th – 6th, available in person or via a live webcast.

Blue Mind 7: The Seven Ages of Water is the 7th annual convening of interdisciplinary professionals working at the intersection of brain science and conservation as brain scientists, oceanographers, explorers, educators, psychologists, and artists assemble to consider the deep connection to the planet as well as the cognitive, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual benefits of keeping it healthy.

Dr. Wallace J Nichols explains, “This year’s summit will dive deep into our lifelong connection to water and how it directly intersects each stage of our lives. This will be reflected in the exploration of the first two stages of life, defined by Birth and Play, and the last two, Ebb & Flow and Death as well as our active, productive, and reproductive adult years, when we become The Lover, The Fighter, and The Justice. Seeing our lives through these overlapping stages and the abundant universal lens of water provides fascinating insights into how to live better, healthier, more productive, and fulfilling lives.

The conversations experienced will be as enlightening as they are inspiring and the connections made at Blue Mind summits are often lifelong bonds

For more information, visit that will be jointly presented by Dr. Nichols and Bruckner Chase.

The agenda is posted here with presenters Curt Carter, Bruckner Chase, Dr. Matt Claybaugh, Dr. Russell Crawford, Dianne Gray, Barbara Harper, Hanna Stonehouse Hudson, Matt Kirsch, Jackie Nunez, and Jim Ritterhoff.

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