Blues, Greens, Pearls And Shells Show Off Swimming

Blues, Greens, Pearls And Shells Show Off Swimming

Courtesy of Pam Lazzarotto, Canada.

Canadian pool and open water swimmer Pam Lazzarotto has created a jewelry sport line that is used for fundraising for masters swimming teams and race directors to raise money for their teams or causes.

The great thing is, selling jewelry can be used to raise money for whatever the team wants,” explains the Canadian butterfly specialist. “Enough of selling chocolate bars and wrapping paper, or doing swim-a-thons. Guys don’t want to sell jewelry, so we have key chains and lanyards for them.”

The Swim Fitters at the Westport/Weston YMCA raised funds for a memorial garden for their coach, Maura Marden, who passed from breast cancer.

To use the sport jewelry for fundraising, the team selected one necklace style. They received a quantity at wholesale and sold them to generate money for their cause. The donors received a necklace and donations were raised

Design is an extension of the designer. It makes sense that my jewelry has emerged with the influence of competitive swimming – from Toronto to University of Arizona – from pool to open water including coaching. It has shaped my life since I was 7 years old.”

The sport line caters to water, swimming and triathlon enthusiasts. “There are lots of blues and greens and all things from the water – pearls, shells, sea creatures and nautical influences. Casual, colorful pieces with sport pendants that say, ‘swim’ or ‘swim, bike, run,’ gives the active individual a way to show off their sport through jewelry.

We try to inspire, encourage and support women to feel good about themselves through fashion and sport. We have created jewelry that communicates a beautiful story for the wearer

For more information, visit Pam Lazzarotto Designs.

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