Bobbing Around With Alligators And Crocodiles

Bobbing Around With Alligators And Crocodiles

Photo of alligator courtesy of experienced Florida open water swimmer Bob Luce.

Bob Luce is one of the most experienced open water swimmers and kayakers in Florida where crocodiles live.

He explains his experiences with the reptilian creatures, many of which he has photographed up close and personal. “The little crocodiles can be pretty snippy and are less discriminating what they bite. Same goes with baby rattle snakes. Adult alligators, crocs and snakes are more cautious than the juveniles which are still learning what they can and should attack and what not to mess with.

This alligator is somewhere between 10 and 12 feet long. I have been within a few feet of this guy in my kayak. He likes to bask on some riverfront property along the Hillsborough river. Never bothers anyone, but he is not a good swimming buddy though

Florida has both alligators [see baby below with mother] and crocodiles, but crocodiles are only found in south Florida, generally in the Everglades area. Crocs have narrow snouts while ‘gators have broad snouts. You can only see the upper teeth on an alligator when its mouth is closed, but both upper and lower teeth are visible on crocodiles when its mouth is closed. The American crocodile is rarely aggressive; in fact, less dangerous than the Florida alligator. The salt water crocs found on the Nile in Africa and in Australia are far more aggressive than their American cousins.”

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