Bodensee-Openwater Meersburg-Konstanz Crossing Draws Record Participants

Bodensee-Openwater Meersburg-Konstanz Crossing Draws Record Participants

At this year’s Bodensee-Openwater Meersburg-Konstanz crossing, more than 200 participants gathered at the starting line, marking a record turnout for the event. The challenging 10 km swim, has participants make a round trip between the two lakeside towns on Lake Constance.

The winner was Jens Poppe, who finished with a time of 2 hours and 51 minutes. Poppe, a swim coach at SV Neptun Breisgau said, “When the sun rose, I felt it on my back. It was like an extra push,” he explained, adding that the conditions were ideal, despite experiencing heavy arms after seven kilometers. “I had two energy gels with me. I took them, and then I could go again.” Jochen Ammann followed in second place, completing the race in 3:05:58, and Daniel Berglas secured third place with a time of 3:13:07.

In the women’s 10-kilometer event, Lena Tölke from Sports Monkeys Triathlon Club took first place with a time of 3:05:35. Ann-Katrin Metzger from Solidarität Ismaning finished second in 3:12:39, and Kathrin Weiß from BauGrund Süd secured third place with a time of 3:17:57.

In the men’s 5-kilometer event, Enzo Fath from TV 1864 Haslach e.V. claimed first place with a time of 1:15:37. Gian Guido Parenza from Trigether followed closely in second place, finishing in 1:16:09. Fabian Kroll secured third place with a time of 1:16:19. Fath said his mother inspired him, having done the lake crossing for herself. Parenza, who finished second in the 5 km event, mentioned, “I could hardly see anything because of the sun. At some point, I oriented myself with another competitor. This challenge of maintaining direction is part of what makes open water swimming so demanding and rewarding.”

In the women’s 5-kilometer event, Miriam Lauxmann from TSV Bernhausen took first place with a time of 1:29:46. Abbie Lewis from Gateshead and Whickham ASC finished second with a time of 1:32:14, and Hannah Schwarz from SV Gerlingen secured third place, completing the swim in 1:33:39.

Lauxmann from Echterdingen, a former competitive swimmer said. “It was really fun.” Another notable swimmer was 14-year-old Marie Sophia Jubitz from Stuttgart, who completed the 5 km swim in 2 hours, 31 minutes, and 7 seconds. “It was really great and went really well,” she said.

The event starts very early in the morning with swimmers entering the water around 5:20 AM. Patrick Boche said, “The water was just under 20 degrees, not too warm. There were hardly any waves, and the air temperature was ideal.” There were 198 participants who completed the swim, a record number for Bodensee Open Water. “It shows that open water swimming is becoming increasingly popular,” Boche added.

The event, organized by Bodensee Open Water, has grown significantly. For Patrik Boche and his team, the increasing number of participants is a positive sign. “The numbers are encouraging, but without my team, such events wouldn’t be possible.”

Martyn Webster, taking part for the second time at Meersburg, received a round of applause. Last year, Webster swam an impressive 64 kilometers from Bregenz to Bodman crossing. The 10 km distance was a breeze for him compared to his last accomplishment.

Boche expressed his gratitude to the more than 150 volunteers from the DLRG groups, Bodenseekreis, Ravensburg, and Kreis Konstanz. “They did an amazing job and helped participants with orientation,” he said, highlighting the essential support provided by the volunteers.

Bodensee Open Water is already gearing up for future events. The team has a busy schedule ahead with several competitions planned. For those interested in joining, all necessary information about upcoming swimming events can be found on the club’s website. Remember, you need to be an early riser for these events.

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