Boguslaw Ogrodnik Is Extreme Many Times Over

Boguslaw Ogrodnik Is Extreme Many Times Over

Boguslaw Ogrodnik, a 56-year-old open water swimmer, lawyer and mountaineer from Wrocław, Poland, added another extreme sports title and achievement to his prolific career. He became an Iron Iceman after completing an Ice Mile in 35 minutes 49 seconds in 2016 in Poland and an Ironman Triathlon in 15 hours 42 minutes on August 8th 2021 in Gdynia, Poland.

Not only has he completed four Oceans Seven channels and achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and the Frosted Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, but he is also completed the Seven Summits of mountaineering in 2006 and is a member of the exclusive Peak and Pond club (with a 20 hour 33 minute English Channel crossing + Mount Everest summit).

Along the way, he founded the Polish Ogrodnik Team and has crossed the Lake Balaton, Alcatraz Island, Lake Tahoe, Gulf of Gdańsk in Poland, Strait of Gibraltar, 20 Bridges Manhattan Swim, Catalina Channel, and Tsugaru Channel. He also competed in the 2016 Winter World Swimming Championships in Tyumen, Russia, the 2016 and 2018 Aqua Sphere Ice Swimming Championships, and an attempted Molokai Channel crossing and Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in Florida. He is the world record holder for denivelation at 9,011 meters – he scaled Mount Everest to 8,848 meters and dove to 163 meters in the Blue Hole in Sinai, Egypt.

Iron Iceman, Ice MileIronman triathlete, Triple Crowner, Frosted Triple Crowner, Seven Summiteer.

Ogrodnik is extreme to the max.

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