BOOM+ Kapas Marang International Swimathon 2023

BOOM+ Kapas Marang International Swimathon 2023

This open water race covers 6.5km open sea cross channel swimming from Pulau Kapas to Kelulut Beach in Marang Terengganu in Malaysia.

BOOM+ Kapas Marang International Swimathon 2023

When: March 11, 2023

Where: Kapas Island, Malaysia

Distance: 6.5 KM

Water Type: Ocean, Island Swim

Water Temp: 28°C / 83°F

What Makes this Event Special

One of the most original courses in the world from an island back to the mainland of Malaysia over 6.5 KM.  The pristine clear blue water is warm and tropical with gorgeous coral reefs below the surface. A lifetime achievement to swim the strait between two beautiful land masses.

Advice for First Timers

Don’t wear a wetsuit, the water is magically warm. Take some time from racing to enjoy the corals and safe wildlife. Be sure to wear high-visibility goggles so you don’t miss a thing. 

The Natural Beauty You Can Expect

The island water is magically clear and is in fact a world-class scuba diving destination. Corals reefs around the island for the first kilometer of the swim. The island you swim from is called KAPAS Island, which translates to Cotton Island because of the soft golden sand.  

What Makes this a special Travel Destination

Kapas island is a quiet and peaceful swimming and snorkeling destination with beautiful soft sand and crystal blue water. It is an idyllic place to relax on beach or hike through the jungle. Enjoy an incredible swim vacation while completing a lifetime achievement. 

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