Bosnia Refugee Realizes Swimming Dreams In Canada

Bosnia Refugee Realizes Swimming Dreams In Canada

Samira Rusman, who swims with the Nanaimo Ebbtides, swam from Gabriola Island to Nanaimo in British Columbia, Canada on August 25th in an event to help raise funds to end childhood cancer. She expected to finish the 6 km distance in 3-4 hours, but unexpectedly finished the swim in 1 hour 48 minutes.

The event was an overwhelmingly success,” recalls Russ Der, president of the Nanamio White Rapids Swim Club who served as Rusman‘s manager. “Her time totally blew everyone away. The water was like glass, and she only stopped for about 3 minutes to refuel.”

The Bosnia native who immigrated to Canada after raising her son in a time of war has more dreams to fulfill in the water:

Photo of Samira Rusman by Ben Ingram.

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