Breaking Barriers, Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Breaking Barriers, Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

When I look at all the activities and achievements of the ice swimming world, it is so exciting to see where these swimmers are potentially leading the way to make the impossible seem possible,” said Steven Munatones.

Like Wim Hof [shown above], ice swimmers are doing things that science is not yet prepared to explain and even occasionally accept. Yet the level of inherent understanding that ice swimmers have of their own physiological and psychological abilities and potential are enabling them to go beyond common understanding of what is possible.”

There are exciting and groundbreaking times we live in. As Ram Barkai and his colleagues in the International Ice Swimming Association continue to break barriers, they also balance safety and reality for those who similarly want to challenge themselves in the ice – of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

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Steven Munatones