Breaking News: Stephen Redmond Started Again In Japan

Breaking News: Stephen Redmond Started Again In Japan

After rumors that Stephen Redmond was calling it a day and heading home, he has set off from the Tappi Misaki port and is instead heading for the start point on Honshu.

Despite weather that is less than promising, Captain Mizushima and the Japanese Coast Guard gave him the approval to make one more attempt. He may start around 12 noon local time with winds that are scheduled to get worse throughout the day.

For local weather information, check here.

Follow Redmond’s course across the Tsugaru Channel here. In his last attempt, he drifted too far to the east rather early in the swim that combined with fierce winds and rain in Force 7 conditions before he was involuntarily pulled from the water due to safety reasons for himself and his support crew.

Today’s attempt is mimicking his previous attempt. See here for a comparison of his two latest attempts.

Redmond had woken up in the morning intending to go home, but when the Tsugaru Channel was unexpectedly calm, he and his Captain decided to go for it on a spur-of-the-moment decision. Fortunately, the winds are blowing from the west which is very good. In Redmond’s last attempt, the winds were blowing from the east. Therefore, he has the wind on his side.

On the other hand, the currents are not flowing towards Hokkaido; they are flowing towards the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, in order to be successful, Redmond will have to slice through the infamous Tsugaru Current in mid-channel. If he can do so, the achievement of the Oceans Seven will be close at hand.

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