Brian Suddeth Has An Eye For Fitness

Brian Suddeth Has An Eye For Fitness

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Open water butterflyer Brian Suddeth was featured in the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition this month.

I’ve used the activity tracking website called The President’s Challenge for years,” said IT specialist Suddeth who was featured in the President’s Council on Physical Fitness Get Inspired program.

Suddeth explains, “I’ve been logging in to the President’s challenge for many years. My employer sent us information on it to help us track a more active lifestyle. As an IT specialist, I spend most of my days sitting at my desk, and the inactivity was taking its toll on my weight and knees. By using tracking tools, I started paying more attention to my activity and health, and started adding more activities. For me, it wasn’t about becoming a body builder – I just wanted to be able to walk most days without pain and stop relying on a cane so frequently. There is still more I can do to get fitter, lose more fat and eat better, but it’s a process. When I started down this trail in 2006 to get fitter and learn how to swim, I just wanted to pass the Scouting swim test so I could canoe with my sons at summer camp. The next year I passed the mile swim test with difficulty, but I got there.

I’m now swimming more and rarely, if ever, touch my cane…

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