Bridge Over Untroubled Waters, Hopefully In 2015

Bridge Over Untroubled Waters, Hopefully In 2015

Photo courtesy of Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian. Article courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

After the 2014 Portland Bridge Swim was cancelled due to deteriorating weather, race director Marisa Frieder is excited for the 17.2 km edition for 2015. “This year’s Portland Bridge Swim will take place on July 12th. Registration opens on April 24th and will close on July 3rd. Registration as always is limited, so don’t miss out.”

The winners over the years:

2011, article here
Female: Emily Melina, 4:19:10 [shown on left]
Male: Ben Weston, 4:39:10

2012, article here
Male: Ryan Bullock, 3:49:14
Female: Alyson O’Brien, 4:12:29

2013, article here
Male: Johnny van Velthuyzen, 4:11
Female: Laurie Cyr, 4:34

“Our 2014 Portland Bridge Swim was a doozie,” explains Frieder. “About 90 minutes into the race, we had to evacuate the course and eventually cancel the swim due to lightning. The storms seemingly came out of nowhere; it went from sunny to evacuation in about 45 minutes and surprised the 3 meteorologists we had consulted about the weather. And there’s never lighting in Portland.

I am so proud of our amazing swimmers and volunteers, and our safety coordinator, Tim Waud. The evacuation was calm and smooth, and better than we could have envisioned when we put together our safety plan.

This year’s race will take swimmers through the heart of downtown Portland and thanks to bridge construction, swimmers will pass under 2 new bridges, bringing the total to 13.

The 10.7-mile race is open to solo swimmers and 3-person relay teams. A 5000-yard qualifying swim is required for solo swimmers, and all entrants must have an escort kayaker. 2014 entrants will receive a coupon for discounted entry fees. Lightning never strikes twice

For more information, visit here.

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