Bright Shoreline Stars Of The Open Water

Bright Shoreline Stars Of The Open Water

There are several places around the globe that use the name Sunshine Coast. They are collections of coastal towns and/or cities that have banded together, usually for tourist promotional reasons with an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. Marine sports is often the main attraction with organized swims of various distances.

They are also natural holiday destinations for visitors of all ages and backgrounds that also host open water competitions and are great training venues for the seriously-minded individuals:

Sunshine Coast along the Bay of Plenty on the North Island of New Zealand
Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, along Canada’s western border
Sunshine Coast on the Eastern Cape of South Africa
Sunshine Coast in Essex, United Kingdom
Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia

With the days getting shorter and shorter in the Northern Hemisphere, these sun-filled locations are looking brighter and brighter for the open water swimming community.

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Steven Munatones